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Chef Ryfylke

An entertaining top chef prepares gourmet meals (and teaches ‘foodies’ the tricks) using the best of local produce at this charming island center of culinary art.

Practical information


The boat ride takes 45 minutes from Stavanger.


Any time of year by request.


Maximum 100 persons.


No accommodation.


Activities available on request.


Some areas suitable for wheelchairs.

With love for exquisite food and a good portion of humor

Chef Ryfylke, named for a traditional western Norway district, has a charming, waterfront culinary center called Landa House on the island municipality of Finnøy. Landa House is a base for catering, food preparation and restaurant service.

But it is much more: The chef and his team offer cooking classes and food shows, spiced with humor and snappy comments. Tasty food based on local raw materials and cooking tips are the trademarks of Norway’s 2016 Chef of the Year Frode Selvaag.

Part of the fun is learning cooking tricks while watching the antics of the ‘cook and the fool’ as they they add a dash of humor to the wonderful flavors of the kitchen.

The boat ride from Stavanger can offer sightseeing along the way or just provide quick transport from the city to the charming island. Chef Ryfyke (Ryfylkekokken in Norwegian) can also prepare a meal for your group to enjoy on board our boat in the splendid setting of the fjords.

Tempting food served with a dash of humor.

"Incredibly interested"

“Frode Selvaag is a person who invests massive amounts of time in quality and raw materials. He is incredibly interested in his work,” Norwegian chef’s association NKL in announcing his selection as 2016 Chef of the Year.

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