About Rødne

60 years on the Norwegian fjords

Rødne is Norway’s largest family-owned high-speed boat company. The company has 120 employees, a head office on the island of Sjernarøy in Rogaland, sales offices in Stavanger and Bergen and a fleet of 14 boats.

We have a clear growth strategy and Rødne has expanded strongly since its founding in 1956. Today, the company consists of three business areas:

Rødne Trafikk and Rødne Ambulanse, which provide ferry services and ambulance services for island communities along Norway’s west coast.
Rødne Fjord Cruise that offers fjord cruises from Stavanger, Bergen and Tromsø for domestic travelers as well as visitors from all over the world.

Rødne also owns the fjord restaurant Lysefjord-Helleren in the Lysefjord.

Our vision is to give guests The best possible fjord experience.

Rødne has a clear goal of being a leader in environmentally friendly boat transport. We work continuously to develop good, modern solutions. MS Rygerelektra is our first full-electric boat. She is a proof of our commitment to environmental friendliness and green tourism.

Fjord adventures

Rødne Fjord Cruise offers fjord adventures from Bergen, Stavanger and Tromsø for companies, locals and tourists from around the world.

Scheduled services

Rødne Trafikk operates punctual and comfortable routes on behalf of the public transit companies Kolumbus in Rogaland county and Skyss in Vestland county.

Ambulance boats

Rødne Ambulanse operates the ambulance boat in western Norway’s Rogaland county. Our ambulance service is characterized by competence, local knowledge and security.

Sustainable fjord experiences

Rødne aims to run the most environmentally friendly operations possible for fjord cruise tourism, scheduled traffic and ambulance services in the fjords and along the coast. Contributing to greener fjord tourism while minimizing noise and emissions from our boats helps us offer guests from all over the world a sustainable fjord experience of the highest quality. All year.


Rødne has 120 permanent employees. Our head office is on Sjernarøy in Rogaland County. We have sales offices in Stavanger and Bergen and own the event locale Lysefjord-Helleren in Lysefjord.

Our fleet

Rødne operates one of Norway’s biggest fleets of express boats, including catamarans with advanced carbon fiber hulls designed for high speeds. In 2020, our first full electric boat, Rygerelektra, joined the fleet.