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A choice of unforgettable fjord cruises from Stavanger or Bergen

Fjord adventures from Stavanger

Fjord cruise Lysefjord & Preikestolen

Our fjord cruise to beautiful Lysefjord is a must when you visit Stavanger! Mighty Preikestolen and the thundering Hengjanefossen waterfall are among the highlights of the trip.

3 hours
Adults: NOK 580

Fjord adventures from Stavanger

Day trip to the Flørli stairs

Join us on a fjord cruise to Lysefjord and the settlement of Flørli, where you can climb 4,444 steps to the top! You can only get there by boat, so this is an opportunity that’s too good to miss.

8-9 hours
Adults: NOK 580

Fjord adventures from Stavanger

Preikestolen cruise & hike

Fjord cruise in beautiful Lysefjord. Hike to Preikestolen summit. Return to Stavanger through the world’s longest undersea tunnel. A real Kinderegg adventure!

9 hours
Adults: NOK 930

Fjord adventures from Bergen

Fjord cruise Bergen-Mostraumen

Can we tempt you with a delightful slice of Norway? Narrow fjords, steep mountainsides and mighty waterfalls – it doesn’t get more beautiful than this!

3 hours
Adults: NOK 680

Fjord adventures from Bergen

Rosendal in Hardanger Day Trip

Less than two hours by boat from Bergen is beautiful Rosendal, surrounded by majestic mountains, fjords, waterfalls and glaciers. Enjoy the village, visit Baroniet Rosendal or take the bus on to Odda, the starting point for a trek to the famous Trolltunga rock.

Daily departures – all  year
Adults: NOK 618 Bergen-Rosendal r/t

Fjord adventures from Bergen

World-class island hopping

NEW! A fantastic day trip from island to island with a whole string of experiences: Beautiful fjord cruise, delicious lunch at Bekkjarvik Guesthouse, coffee stop with homemade chocolate and tasting the world’s best gin by Bareksten are all included.

7 hours
Adults: NOK 1995

Fjord adventures from Bergen

Dinner cruise to Bekkjarvik Guesthouse

NEW! Unforgettable fjord cruise through beautiful coastal landscapes with a cultural program. A culinary evening in unique surroundings. Great memories for your scrapbook!

6 hours
Adults: NOK 1750

Cruise green!

Rødne aims to be a leader in environmentally friendly boat transport.

One of our company values is “respect,” which includes respecting nature and our surroundings. We feel a duty to protect the environment so coming generations can also enjoy Norway’s beautiful, unspoiled landscapes.

Safe travel

Welcome to a safe and memorable fjord adventure with Rødne!

We are delighted to have you aboard as our guest and will do everything possible to ensure that your fjord adventure with us is both secure and enjoyable.