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Bakernes Paradis
A former holiday retreat for Stavanger’s bakers has been reborn with new, energetic owners who created an exciting market and guesthouse. Bakernes Paradis (Bakers’ Paradise) at Lauvvik by the mouth of the Lysefjord is worth a visit. Delightful food and drink based on Norwegian traditions and culture.

Energihotellet (Energy Hotel) in the village of Nesflaten was designed in the 1960s by Norwegian architect Geir Grung as part of major hydro-electric projects in the region. It is popular for conferences, and is an excellent starting point for enjoying the outdoors.

Røvær Kulturhotell
The award-winning hotel is located on the idyllic Røvær island group, 10 kilometers northwest of Haugesund. The hotel was established in 2005 with all modern facilities for accommodation, parties, courses and conferences. About 100 people currently live here and there is only one car on the island.

Sjøberg Ferie
Sjøberg Ferie is located by the sea in quiet surroundings on the island of Rennesøy and offers apartments and hotel rooms for families and companies. The family business started in 2000 at Østhusvik bay and facilitates courses, team building conferences and a variety of leisure activities.


Spa-Hotell Velvære
With a beautiful view of the village of Hjelmelandsvågen, the Spa-Hotell Velvære boasts massages, beauty treatments and relaxation in the spa, great outdoor experiences and tasty food with good drinks. It’s a matter of pride for this hotel to take advantage of the fresh and local produce.

Viking Farm at Avaldsnes
At the Avaldsnes Viking farm, you’re transported back a thousand years in time to the Viking Age. The long house and six smaller buildings are located on a small wooded island below the medieval church of Avaldsnes. The farm is also used as a history camp school, and hosts an annual Viking festival.

Fjordbris Hotell
Fjordbris Hotell, at the edge of the wharf on Rennesøy island is set around a courtyard that was once a market. The old grocery store and storehouse at Østhusvik bay have been restored and modernized. Fjordbris is a popular conference hotel and resort with top facilities in scenic surroundings.

Lysefjorden Sjokolade
Chocolate-maker Lysefjorden Sjokolade is on a remote farm nestled between the high mountains of the magnificent fjord. It makes delectable chocolate treats using the milk from its own cows. Each box of the delightful confections includes a tale from the region’s history.


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