The fjord cruise experts

Rødne is Norway’s largest, family owned high speed-ferry companies, with 14 boats. Rødne offers transportation, sightseeing and adventure trips on express boats.

The company was founded in 1956 to provide school transport between and from the islands of the Sjernarøy group. Currently, the company has about 130 employees, including some 25 who are part of the land organization in the Sjernarøy island of Kyrkjøy, as well as in the ports of Stavanger and Bergen. About 95 work at sea year round, with an increase of at least 15 crew during the summer season.

Rødne is based in the Sjernarøy group, which is part of the Stavanger municipality. Over the years, the company expanded and now operates ambulance boats, scheduled traffic, charter and tourism activities from Stavanger and Bergen.

Rødne also owns the fjord restaurant Lysefjord-Helleren in Lysefjord.

Lars André Rødne has been general manager of Rødne since 2006.

The fjord cruise experts

Our pride and passion

“Rødne is more than a business to us: It is our family name, tradition, pride and passion. We and our passengers are lucky to have crews who share that passion, and want every guest to feel as welcome as an old friend.” – Lars Rødne, general manager.