About Rødne

Sustainable fjord experiences

Rødne aims to run the most environmentally friendly operations possible for our fjord cruise tourism, scheduled traffic and ambulance operations in the fjords and along the coast. Contributing to greener fjord tourism and minimizing noise and emissions from our boats helps give our guests from all over the world a sustainable fjord experience of the highest quality. All year.

One of our company values ​​is ‘respect’. Our choices and business are driven by a deep respect for Mother Nature and the environment we operate in. We actively invest in sustainable solutions to help ensure that future generations will also be able to enjoy beautiful, unspoiled scenery.

Rødne is a Norwegian family-owned company
Our headquarters and operating base are on Sjernarøy, an island with a population of less than 400 in western Norway’s Rogaland county. Since 1956, we’ve created solid, local jobs here. Our roots in this district also have positive ripple effects in the local community. Whenever possible, we use local goods and services, such as when building our new, environmentally efficient administration building which was inaugurated in early 2020 on Sjernarøy.

A modern and environmentally friendly fleet
Rødne is determined to be a leader in eco-friendly solutions when it comes to boat transport. For more than 20 years, we have focused on reducing our energy consumption, and have invested more than half a billion kroner in this important effort.

We have a clear strategy in place for upgrading the fleet with more sustainable solutions, and we are well underway with replacing older engines with new and more environmentally friendly ones as needed.

We have invested in important environmental measures to reduce emissions and protect the coastal environment. We have reduced emissions of climate damaging gases by up to 75 percent from our boats by modernizing engine operations and purifying exhaust gases.

Norwegian boats
Almost without exception, Rødne has used the innovative Norwegian shipyard Brødrene Aa in the village of Hyen to build its boats, totaling more than 20 vessels in some 50 years.

Norwegian shipyards are among the best in the world when it comes to developing emission-free vessels, with skilled professionals and a high degree of competence. Together, we find good solutions that focus on sustainability and quality. The construction process is fast and efficient, as well as allowing changes underway. That flexibility lets us incorporate technology that didn’t even exist when we started planning.

Our new, electric pride and joy: ‘MS Rygerelektra’
Groundbreaking battery-powered ‘MS Rygerelektra’ is our newest and greenest investment.  Not only is she the world's fastest electric catamaran, but also has the world’s longest range for a battery-powered passenger boat. For guests, gliding in near silence through magnificent fjord landscapes takes the adventure to a new and unique level! Stavanger-based ‘Rygerelektra’ cruises Lysefjord, which has been certified as a sustainable destination. We look forward to gaining the same certification for our Bergen-based cruises.

We are happy and proud that our first battery-powered boat is in place! With MS ‘Rygerelektra’, we underscore our commitment to the environment and our commitment to green tourism. This is the first step towards our goal of building an emission-free fleet.

Certified Eco-Lighthouse company
Rødne is delighted to be certified by Eco-Lighthouse foundation for operations that meet its strict criteria for environmental protection. We are highly focused on reducing consumption and purchases, limiting waste and minimizing emissions. This certification is proof that we take an active social responsibility in making the ‘Green Transition’.

Stavanger Municipality's 2020 Climate and Environment Award
We at Rødne are grateful and honored to have been picked for this award from the City of Stavanger from a field of strong candidates. The award honors individuals, organizations or companies that help protect nature and the environment or reduce greenhouse gas emissions in this district.

Part of a good team
Rødne has solid systems for documenting its environmental work. We have routines for the implementation of a variety of measures to ensure an increasingly eco-friendly operations and a stable, good working environment - on land and at sea.

We are happy to share our experience and knowledge concerning new technology and environmentally friendly solutions with other companies across disciplines, industries and geography. If you have any questions or have a good idea for interaction, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We wish you welcome aboard!