Hardangerfjord Express Boat

Can I bring my bicycle or dog?


You can bring your dog on our boats. There is no extra charge. Dogs must be outside on deck during the high season April – September. During winter months dogs can be inside in the designated area. One of the dog’s owners must remain with it for the whole trip.The dog is not allowed to be in the seats, and it is very important that the dog owner is together with the dog all the time and make sure the dog is not bothering other passengers.



You can bring your bicycle on board. The crew will show you where to put it during crossing. There is a limited number of places for bicycle on board.

Price: NOK 50 for the bicycle.

Electric bicycle and electric scooter

It is not allowed to bring an electric bicycle or electric scooter into the lounge. These must stand out on the deck due to fire hazards.

Scooter or moped

Scooters and mopeds are considered hazardous cargo and are not allowed on our boats.