Safe travel

Welcome to a safe and memorable fjord adventure with Rødne!

We are delighted to have you aboard as our guest and will do everything possible to ensure that your fjord adventure with us is both secure and enjoyable. We at Rødne are eager to show you the stunning scenery of the fjords and leave you with memories for life!

We pride ourselves on the top condition of our boats and their safety equipment, as well as the extensive training and drilling of our highly experienced crews.

During the Corona epidemic, we took extraordinary steps to protect our passengers and crew, often taking stronger measures than those in the government guidelines.

Even though life in Norway is starting to return to normal, with the government lifting all national restrictions, we have chosen to continue a high level of caution.  We remain focused on cleaning and disinfecting our boats, especially in such heavy use areas as rest rooms and payment terminals.

We also continue to have hand sanitizer easily accessible for all guests.

We ask our guests to also remain vigilant by sticking to measures that can help prevent the resurgence of Corona.

  • Do not travel if quarantined, sick or suspect that you are infected.
  • Wash your hands frequently and/or use hand sanitizer.
  • Cough into a paper tissue or the crook of your elbow.

All of our boats have large sun decks, and our guests are welcome to spend the whole trip on the outside deck if they so desire.

Thank you for helping us keep you and your fellow travelers safe.

Flexible change and cancellation
Rødne offers a flexible cancellation and rebooking policy. With us, you can always change your ticket to another day (subject to available capacity). If cancelled up to two days before departure, all tickets will be refunded 100%.

Contact us by phone or email if you want to change your ticket.

Welcome aboard!