Cruise green!

Cruise green!

Rødne aims to be a leader in environmentally friendly boat transport.
One of our company values is "respect," which includes respecting nature and our surroundings. We feel a duty to protect the environment so coming generations can also enjoy Norway’s beautiful, unspoiled landscapes.

“MS Rygerelektra”
Our latest, biggest and greenest investment is the brand new flagship “MS Rygerelektra”, which is the world’s fastest fully electric catamaran. She also has the world’s longest range for a battery-powered passenger vessel!

We sailed “Rygerelektra” home in April 2020 and she is now ready to serve tourists as a perfect way to cruise beautiful Lysefjord. Sailing majestic Lysefjord in the silence of an electric boat makes the adventure even more magical.

Climate and Environment Prize 2020
Proud and happy! Rødne has been awarded the Climate and Environment Prize 2020 from Stavanger Municipality. We received the award for our contribution to sustainable and environmentally friendly development of the tourism industry.

A modern and environmentally friendly fleet
Rødne is known for its innovative solutions and environmentally friendly boats, which are part of offering guests the best possible fjord experience.

Rødne has 14 boats of various sizes. In the spring of 2018, construction of our previous flagship, "Rygerdronningen", was completed. She was built with state-of-the-art, low emission engines and is “Rygerelektra’s” sister ship. Both “Rygerdronningen” and “Rygerelektra” have panoramic windows and spacious sundecks that allow a close up experience with nature inside, outside or alternating between the two.

Rødne is also busy upgrading the rest of its fleet with more environmentally friendly solutions. A program of replacing older engines with new, lower emission ones is well underway.

Rødne is proud to be am Eco-Lighthouse company!

We are certified by the Norwegian Eco-Lighthouse foundation as meeting strict criteria for environmental protection, corporate social responsibility and good working conditions.