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Rygermedic is a new generation of ambulance and emergency services boat that provides a marked improvement for ambulance services in the Ryfylke district. In 2021, Rødne Ambulanse won a contract to ambulance boat services for the islands of the Ryfylke Basin from May 2021 until May 2027. A new boat was required under the contract, and brand new Rygermedic entered service in June 2021.

With a top speed of 35 knots, the boat can respond quickly to critical assignments and cover large distances in a short time. Its catamaran design ensures a stable, steady boat with enough area for a spacious ambulance cabin equipped with modern medical equipment. There has been heavy emphasis on designing the boat with good technical solutions that contribute to fast, efficient handling of patients.

Rygermedic also has a water cannon for firefighting and can spray seawater at a rate of 2,000 liters per minute. That means the boat will be the "first responder" if it arrives before fireboats. This is a big boost for fire preparedness in the Ryfylke district.

Rygermedic is stationed in the village of Judaberg on Finnøy island in Rogaland County.

Shipyard/Year of construction: Brødrene Aa, Hyen / 2021
Material: Carbon sandwich
Length: 21,9 meters
Width: 7,2 meters
Engines: Volvo Penta D13 – 735 kW
Gear: ZF 500
Water jet: Hamilton HM461
Speed: Top speed 35 knots

General Arrangement