Transparency Act

Rødne is working on our Transparency Act report, which will be published in full in December 2023.

If you have questions about Rødne’s efforts to promote basic human rights and decent working conditions in our operations, please write to us at:

Here is a summary of our efforts:

Rødne is among Norway’s largest privately held shipping companies for passenger transport. Our headquarters are on the island of Sjernarøy in Stavanger municipality. We have three subsidiaries: Rødne Ambulance, Rødne Trafikk and Lysefjord-Helleren restaurant.

We have been working on the Transparency Act since it became Norwegian law in 2022 and are preparing to publish our first transparency report on our home page. 

Our Transparency Act work is part of efforts to meet the ISM-Code (i.e. the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention) and our relentless drive to live up to our obligations as a certified member of the Norwegian Environmental Lighthouse Foundation since 2012.

As Norwegian-owned company, exclusively operating in Norway, we are subject to national regulations governed by international ‘Maritime Labour Convention’ (MLC) and national maritime law. The Norwegian Maritime Directorate reviews all our seagoing employees every year to make sure their employment meets MLC regulations. All company personnel manuals are available on the human resource management website Simployer and are available to all employees on land and at sea as an electronic encyclopedia.

Our suppliers are mainly Norwegian companies with Norwegian offices, workplaces and working conditions. Our ongoing use and choice of suppliers is handled under our regular purchasing criteria.