About Rødne

Ambulance boats

Fast ambulance boats and competent crews make Norway's coastal and island communities safer places to live. Locals call us "the most important boat we have". The ambulance boat is there for women giving birth, for those with heart ailments, for the feverish child and worried mother, and those suffering injuries. The yellow ambulance boat represents security.

Rødne is proud to operate the ambulance boat Rygermedic in the Ryfylke district of Rogaland. Ambulance assignments and medical transport are agreed directly between the boats and emergency services/physicians.

Rygermedic; our new, environmentally friendly ambulance boat in the Ryfylke basin
Ambulance boats are the lifeblood of the Ryfylke district. The boats save lives and welcome our newborns, sometimes even on board. In 2021 Rødne extended an agreement with the Helse Stavanger public health service to operate an ambulance boat in Ryfylke until 2027. Under the deal, a new, state-of-the art boat was commissioned. The new ambulance boat, called MS Rygermedic, was built at Brødrene Aa shipyard in Hyen, Norway. It entered service in Ryfylke in June 2021. The boat is a new generation ambulance and emergency boat, with the best available equipment for treating patients. With a top speed of 35 knots, the boat can respond quickly to critical assignments and cover large distances in a short time. Rygermedic’s crew are among Rødne’s most experiences and knows the fjords and islands better than most. That offers increased security.

Rygermedic has a water cannon for firefighting and will be the "first responder" if it arrives before a fireboat. This is a big step forward in fire preparedness in Ryfylke.

The world's first ambulance boat built as a catamaran has a top speed of 35 knots. Rygervakt operates as back up for Rygermedic. The boat has a fire pump and water cannon aboard.