Delays, changes and cancelations

What happens if the weather affects our tour?

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Weather predictions
The weather in Norway can be unpredictable. Even if the forecast seems to be bad weather and cloudy skies this may change on short notice. There can be enormous local variations, and our crew will do their best to find a suitable route, which is least exposed to the weather. 

Cancelations due to bad weather
If we need to cancel the cruise due to bad weather, we will inform you via email. You can reschedule your tickets to our next available cruise or get a refund. Information will be given in the email sent.  

Alternative routes
On the coldest days, there may even be ice in the fjord, adding its own special thrill. The captain then chooses an alternative route that gives you a magical fjord experience in winter scenery.  


Whale and arctic wildlife Safari – alternative routes as a result of bad weather
If the weather proves to be too windy for whale watching our Captain will choose an alternative route and you will be informed upon embarking the ship. You will then get the choice to do our alternative route for an Arctic Fjord Cruise in more sheltered waters. We offer no refunds if you decide to take this alternative cruise. 

Weather and Northern Lights
It’s still possible to see the Northern Lights with some cloud cover, but a clear sky is preferably. There may be major variations in the weather within the Northern Lights oval. This may include extremely local variations, and the weather changes faster than you may think. In other words, don’t worry if the forecast says cloudy because there may suddenly be a hole in the cloud cover – and the Northern Lights may appear!