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Rødne’s ‘Queen’ arrives

The Queen of our fleet has arrived. This weekend, “Rygerdronningen” (“The Ryger Queen”) sailed into Stavanger, and Rødne’s biggest-ever boat by far is ready for service. This marks the start of a new era for tourism in western Norway’s Rogaland county, with one vessel that targets two different sectors at two different times of year. Welcome aboard!

“The day has finally come. It has been an exciting year of planning, construction, launching and fitting out. I’m proud, excited and have great expectations,” says Rødne ‘s General Manager Lars André Rødne.

Her arrival in Rogaland was worthy of royalty. Even though Rødne already has a king (“Rygerkongen” or “The Ryger King”), there is no question that this Queen will rule majestically over our fleet. Her crew are ready and eager to start the summer tourism season and are set to offer exciting experiences in the autumn, winter and spring.

Illustration of our new boat

One boat, two focuses

The ‘Queen’ is almost 40 meters (125 feet) long, has panoramic views from the cabin and the deck and can carry 297 passengers. Cruises into Lysefjord are becoming more and more popular, so the extra capacity is needed. From April through September, the boat will mainly take people on sightseeing cruises to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), Fantahålå (Vagabond’s Cave), Hengjandefossen (Hanging Falls) and the other impressive attractions in Lysefjord. During the evenings, the boat will be available for group charter

“In the early autumn, ‘Rygerdronningen’ will enjoy an elegant reconfiguration with more tables so it can welcome aboard large or small groups (up to 250 guests) for on-board dining. The ship will be transformed into a unique setting for experiencing food, culture and history all while at sea,” says Lars André Rødne

Rødne is working with two other companies from the traditional Ryfylke region of Rogaland, Ryfylkekokken (Chef Ryfylke) and Ryfylke Livsgnist (Ryfylke Spark of Life), to develop new concepts for exceptional experiences on the fjords in this part of Norway.

“Our job is to serve real Ryfylke food that measures up to this great boat,” says Frode Selvaag, the Chef Ryfylke.

He helped design the kitchen, and was involved in the selection of tables, tableware and workbenches to assure a true Ryfylke experience in the on-board restaurant, with Ryfylke Livsgnist organizing activities, entertainment and events.

“We’ll give guests both laughs and lessons about Ryfylke, food, fjords and local characters,” says Ryfylke Livsgnist Manager Tor Øyvind Skeiseid, who will be one of the hosts aboard “Rygerdronningen.”

Food shows, conferences and tours fit for a queen

“We want “Rygerdronningen” to be a boat for everyone. During the summer, the focus will be fully on sightseeing in Lysefjord, with other kinds of unique experiences being offering during the autumn, winter and spring,” says Lars André Rødne. Companies, teams and other groups can charter the boat for conferences, tours or on board dining and entertainment. There will also be ‘open tours’ which anyone is welcome to join.

“The most impressive are the so-called “Queen Tours” which are three different special trips in Ryfylke. There are three different tours, each with their own menus selected to suit that particular route. Naturally, Queen Maud Pudding will be served for dessert,” says Chef Ryfylke‘s Selvaag with a smile. “We are still developing new concepts for ‘Rygerdronningen,’ so stay tuned,” adds Rødne Lars André Rødne.

For more information, please contact:

General Manager Lars André Rødne (+47) 982 41 501
Head of Sales and Marketing Eva Sørås Mellgren (+47) 915 52 339

Ryfylke Livsgnist: Øyvind Skeiseid, (+47) 982 06 333
Ryfylkekokken: Cathrine Selvaag (47) 905 36 673

Facts Rødne:

Rødne is one of Norway’s largest high speed-ferry companies, with 18 boats. Rødne offers
transportation, sightseeing and adventure trips on express boats.

The company was founded in 1956 to provide school transport between and from the islands of the Sjernarøy group. Currently, the company has 148 employees, including some 32 who are part of the land organization in the Sjernarøy island of Kyrkjøy, as well as in the ports of Stavanger and Bergen. About 116 work at sea year-round, with an increase of at least 15 crew during the summer season.

Rødne is based in the Sjernarøy group, which is part of the Finnøy municipality. Over the years, the company expanded and now operates ambulance boats, scheduled traffic, charter and tourism activities from Stavanger and Bergen.
Rødne also owns the fjord restaurant Lysefjord-Helleren in Lysefjord.

Lars André Rødne has been Rødne’s general manager since 2006

Facts: “Rygerdronningen”
Modern catamaran. Kiosk. Suitable for wheelchairs. Ample deck space.
Shipyard: Brødrene Aa in Hyen
Material: Carbon sandwich, vinyl ester
Gears/Forward thrust: Servogear
Length: 37.8 meters
Width: 10.3 meters
Number of passengers: 297
Max speed: 19.9 knots
Investment: 75 million NOK

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