Visit idyllic Dale

Now you can easily get from Stavanger to Dale by boat.

Visit idyllic Dale

In the middle of beautiful Gansfjorden, you will find Dale. A little secluded valley, full of history and spectacular scenery. Go ashore from the sea, experience the flowering apple trees in the garden, read the stories about the historical buildings, take a trip to the cafe in the Colony for a cup of coffee. From Dale you can choose between many hiking trails in the beautiful landscape. From here you can experience Gansfjorden up clos, with several beaches, and you can go to the top of Dalsnuten and Lifjell. From the top, you can look all the way to Stavanger, Sandnes and over the mountains towards Hommersåk. Welcome to Dale and everything it has to offer.

A little history:
At Dale, people have lived for over 2000 years, from the early Iron Age. People have always been in the center here. From the first hunters, enterprising farmers, rehabilitation at the mental hospital and finally refugee reception.

The Dale Farm was purchased in 1911, and in 1913 the Dale mental hospital was finished. The hospital was built as a common insane asylum for Rogaland county and Stavanger city with a capacity for 196 patients. The hospital largely functioned as an independent and self-sufficient society with its own power station, school, assembly hall and housing for the employees. The farm was operational and the patients participated in the operation as part of their therapy. Dalevannet, was dammed during World War #1 to supply the power station at Dale and provide fresh water to the hospital. In 1988, Dale was vacated, but today more than 100 people live on Dale. There will be many exciting things happening here in the years to come. The property is 4500 acres and extends from the sea line and up past Dalsnuten.

Practical information


The boat takes 20 minutes one way. The whole tour takes 7 hours.

Departure point

Strandkaien, Vågen in Stavanger.


Roundtrip tickets
Adult: NOK 200
Children (ages 4-15): NOK 100 (Free under age 4)


Saturdays and Sundays from 15 June to 11 August.
Departure from Strandkaien in Stavanger at 09:00.
Return from Dale at 15:30.


Book online or buy on board the boat.
It’s only possible to buy roundtrip tickets.


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