Hardangerfjord Express Boat

Can children travel alone?

Seats for children (ages 6-12) traveling alone or with other children in the same age group must be booked at least one day before departure by calling +47 98 24 15 30. There is no phone service between 10:30 and 14:00.

Rules for children traveling alone at the Hardangerfjord Express Boat

  1. A maximum of five unaccompanied children are allowed on each departure so we can take the best possible care of them during the journey.
  2. An adult must escort the child to the departure wharf and arrive at least 10 minutes before departure.
  3. Completed registration form must be brought and delivered to the crew on board. The child needs to have enough Norwegian kroner to pay for the ticket unless it was pre-booked at rodne.no.
  4. Rødne cannot take responsibility for unaccompanied children making connections for onward transport. Rødne's responsibility is limited to the journey with us.
  5. If an unaccompanied  child is not met at the arrival dock as agreed, the captain on board will contact the person who delivered the child to the departure dock and is responsible for the children being picked up.
  6. The adult delivering the child to the departure dock must sign that they have read and accepted the rules for children traveling alone.
  7. Rødne does not assume responsibility for children traveling alone without a completed registration form.
  8. The ship’s captain has the right to reject requests to transport unaccompanied children in unacceptable conditions, such as bad weather or crowded boats.