On board

Is my ticket for a specific seat?
There are no assigned seats, so you can pick a vacant seat. We don’t take more passengers than we have indoor seats for. You are also welcome to stand or sit on benches on the sundecks.

Is there a guide?
We offer audio guiding in as many as seven languages on request. Our crews are always happy to help, and point out sights.

Do I need to bring my passport?
This is a domestic trip in Norwegian waters, so there is no passport control. You should bring a valid photo ID, which for some countries means a passport.

Will it be cold or wet on board?
Our cabins are protected from the weather and well heated, even during the coldest days of winter. However, many of our travelers are eager to feel the refreshing spray of a mighty waterfall or challenge the elements by facing a rainstorm. They can always warm up in the cabin afterward.

Can we buy something to eat or drink on board?
Most of our boats have kiosks offering food and drink, with the selection varying from boat to boat after often including warm food, candy, soft drinks, beer and wine.

Can we bring our own packed lunch?
No. You may not consume food or drink brought with you on board.

Are there toilets on board?
All of our boats have restrooms, including handicap WC’s suitable for wheelchairs.

Is there wi-fi on board?
We do/do not have wifi on board.

Is there cellphone coverage?
There is generally mobile phone coverage by major providers. However, there can be stretches with patchy or no coverage.

Do I need to bring anything special?
Nothing more than a warm jacket in winter, and whatever else you might like to have. If you are planning a hike or excursion off the boat, you need to brings things _ like hiking boots _ that you need after disembarking.

What if I forget something on board?
We generally keep lost property for about two weeks, and then turn it over to the local police. Contact us at phone +47 51 89 52 70 or email mail@rodne.no and we will do our best to help you track it down.