Lysefjord Adventures

Explore beautiful Lysefjord and discover its hidden gems with Rødne’s new passenger route!

Lysefjord is one of Norway’s longest fjords and is surrounded by magnificent landscapes, sheer mountain walls, thundering waterfalls and fascinating rock formations, with peaks soaring to as much as 1,000 meters above the sea.

Lauvvik fergekai
Foto: Annette Munkejord

Rødne’s new passenger route is perfect for exploring diverse Lysefjord at your own pace. You can get on or off the comfortable passenger ferry at stops all along the fjord, making once out of the way attractions easy to reach. It also allows you to discover a new gem each day, allowing you to fully explore Lysefjord and all its adventures.

We sail the whole 42-kilometer length of the fjord, with our last stop at the village of Lysebotn before we turn around and sail back to Stavanger along the same route. In all, the round trip takes about 4.5 hours.

The boat departs each day at 09:00 from downtown Stavanger at Strandkaien, the same wharf used by our other fjord cruises. If requested as part of your booking, we can also stop at Lauvvik, Forsand, Revså, Bratteli, Bakken, Songesand, Kallali, Håheller, Flørli and Lysebotn. Please note: We only stop at these ports upon advance request.

If you want to hike to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), book a stop at Revså quay. From there, you follow the original, less crowded but still well-marked trail to Preikestolen through a wild and beautiful landscape. If you’ve already done Preikestolen, or prefer more solitary hikes, there are lots of great options in the area, such as lesser-known treks to world class views at Hatten mountain or Skjerajuvet gorge.

Find Lysefjord’s hidden gems

Lysefjorden fottur alternativer
Foto: Outdoorlife Norway

If you book a stop at Bratteli, you have several excellent alternatives for full day trips. How about experiencing Hengjanenibbå, a rock outcropping, sometimes called the Preikestolen lookalike? The view is just as good as from Preikestolen!

If you hop off at Bakken quay, you can trek up to the Bakken mountain farm, which is idyllically located on a rise with a view of Lysefjord. You can pay to stay at The Norwegian Trekking Association’s 34-bed cabin there or bring a tent and camp out.

Songesand is the perfect place to find peace and quiet plus an excellent selection of hikes. The Trekking Association also has a cabin there.

Right in the heart of Lysefjord is the former power plant village of Flørli, best known for having the world’s longest wooden staircase, with 4,444 steps. Flørli offers accommodations and is a good starting point for hikes in the hills of the Ryfylke district. How about a day trip to Skåpet mountain?

Get off at Kallali and set off on a day trip to the rock outcroppings Kallaliklumpen and/or Kallaligjelet. Both are wonderful hikes in magnificent scenery.

Trekkers intending to conquer Kjerag and famous Kjeragbolten set off from the last stop, Lysebotn, where a corresponding minibus takes you up to the Kjerag trailhead at Øygardstølen.

The passenger route also makes a delightful round trip sightseeing cruise. You can enjoy memorable fjord scenery and see Preikestolen, the Flørli stairs and Kjerag from the comfort of our boat.

For even more hikes around Lysefjord, visit the Norwegian Trekking Association website.

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